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Sytsema Funeral Home

This new funeral home was constructed in 2005 as an additional location for John Sytsema’s expanding business in an area near Muskegon that was growing.  The new facility is constructed of stone and siding and has a very inviting and residential character to compliment the neighborhood. The 17,000 S.F. building is a “state of the […]

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Wade Funeral Home

The funeral home is located on a piece of property with great visibility on one of the main arteries in Arlington, Texas.  The challenge was that the property was quite long and narrow and had a dramatic slope.  (This was probably why it had not been developed earlier). As is normally the case, the more […]

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Walker Funeral Service

This facility was planned to replace the original building that the business had occupied since 1951 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  The architectural plans contained unique design schemes, still maintaining traditional features of funeral homes, but allowing room for growth that the business might make in the future.  The interior design scheme enables the finishes to withstand […]

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Rolling Oaks Memorial Center

Rolling Oaks Memorial Center was a new start-up municipal cemetery and was completed in 2009.  The project was master planned on a total of 30 acres with the first phase using approximately 10 acres.  The project featured 10 initial burial gardens, cremation garden, outdoor pavilion, cemetery office, indoor columbarium and a funeral home/crematory in the […]

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Wilmington Burial and Cremation Service

This project was to convert a veterinarian clinic into a complete funeral facility.  There was no embalming suite as this was done in the client’s adjacent building.  The rectangular 5,500 Sq. Ft. building was symmetrical with central structural columns which also created a partial second floor mezzanine for a couple of offices and mechanical space. […]

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