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Craig K. Kempf Funeral Home

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This funeral home facility was completed in 2008.  The owner, Craig Kempf, had been in a beautiful older facility in downtown Marshall for many years when the neighboring hospital made him an offer for his property that he couldn’t refuse.  So he purchased a large piece of property located in the growth area of Marshall and began the process of designing what resulted in a beautiful stone and timber facility.  The new building has an impressive vaulted entry lobby with a stately stone fireplace.  The chapel and stateroom are multipurpose, divided with moveable walls.

The facility also has a very inviting reception center with a second fireplace and the ability to be divided if needed.  There is a patio adjacent to the reception center.  Included in the facility are a state of the art prep/dressing suite, 4 vehicle receiving and storage garage, arrangement offices, merchandise display and business offices.

  • 19,200 Sq. Ft.
  • Marshall, MI
  • Multipurpose staterooms and chapel

  • Reception center and patio
  • Stone and timber exterior