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Cypress Lawn Funeral Home

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JST Architects designed a two-story addition at Cypress Lawn Funeral Home to the existing building which maintained the cemetery’s office’s Mediterranean character and California Mission style.  The design utilized the existing building’s lower level as the customer arrangement center and merchandising area.  The new building addition added a main entrance lobby element, visitation chapels, executive offices, board room, formal chapel, reception center and preparation/dressing/garage support areas.  The existing building’s upstairs space connected with new building office space to complete the administrative office area, which houses modular component office furniture.  The existing building made up 7,300 square feet of the total project’s 30,000 square feet.

Cypress Lawn was successful in adding a new “state of the art” combination mortuary, while keeping its connection with the heritage of its Grand Victorian garden cemetery theme.  Detailed planning and execution allowed all for this to take place at the same location that has served families since the beginning of the 20th century.

The interior décor, color palate and details were carefully thought out to work with Cypress Lawn’s status as a beautiful garden cemetery.  Floral artwork and stained glass combined with light and uplifting colors provide a very welcoming atmosphere to all of the families.

  • 30,218 Sq. Ft.
  • Colma, California
  • Funeral home addition to existing cemetery offices
  • Mediterranean character and California Mission style

  • Formal chapel
  • Reception center
  • Flower shop
  • Interior design services provided

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