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The owners of Eubank Funeral Home retained J. Stuart Todd, Inc. and JST Interiors, Inc. for our architectural and interior services, respectively, for a complete renovation of the facility.

The original staterooms were arranged inside one large room using folding accordion walls to divide the space.  The order was similar to a maze because the folding walls prevented several of the staterooms from having doorways for entrances.  To enter particular staterooms, it was necessary to travel through other staterooms to reach the desired area, prompting problems on days when multiple visitations were held.  The solution to the confusing configuration was to design permanent walls and doors, giving each stateroom its own specific entry so there would not be a need to first make use of another room.  After giving each stateroom a permanent space, the interiors were given a complete makeover.  New ceilings were installed and accented with new lighting.  Furnishings were upgraded, and new carpeting was installed to create comfortable seating areas for families and guests.

The chapel at Eubank Funeral Home underwent complete renovation.  The ceiling of the chapel was a good height and therefore did not need to be raised.  However, most of the ductwork was exposed, the lighting was dated, and the aesthetics were unattractive.  Three large chandeliers were placed in the chapel to give the cathedral ceiling a distinguished elegance.  The chapel originally had stained glass windows, but their age showed in design and condition.  The aged windows were removed and filled in, and new light sconces were added to provide extra illumination.  A large stained glass piece was placed in the chancel, giving a bright and refreshed look to the chapel.  All new finishes were added, including a wood ceiling, paint, and carpet, and architectural changes were made, blending all of the features.  In addition, a floral display space was added to the chapel, providing room for the large numbers of floral arrangements typically given at funeral services, as customary of the region.

The lobby was another space that went through dramatic change.  The area was functional, but the original design did not establish an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for families and guests.  A built-in reception area was added to give a main focus to the lobby, allowing the room to blend with the new custom fixtures.  The renovation also included a new ceiling with raised areas for chandeliers.  To complete the look of the renovated lobby, new furnishings and decorative rugs were added, creating a comfortable atmosphere for conversation groups.

The exterior of Eubank Funeral Home needed continuity and definite accessibility.  Due to the renovations previously made on the facility, the exterior brick was comprised of four different colors.  To solve this problem, the decision was made to paint the exterior to disguise the assortment of brick.  New entries were established to guide families and guests to central locations, and to provide handicap accessibility.  A new street sign and landscaping complete the updated exterior.

The culmination of revised architectural finishes and updated interior design completed this 1950s funeral home with a fresh and attractive appearance.

  • Canton, Texas
  • Renovation of 1950’s funeral home
  • Function and traffic flow inside the building was improved
  • Complete chapel renovation

  • Exterior brick painted for continuity
  • Handicap accessibility provided
  • Interior design provided by JST Interiors

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