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Queen of the World Mausoleum on Calvary Cemetery

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After an extensive master plan study of its major cemeteries, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles determined that it needed a high-density mausoleum at Calvary Cemetery in East Los Angeles. Dwindling land resources dictated a maximum usage of land, but past experiences with large, high density mausoleums had left the Archdiocese less than enthusiastic about constructing another nondescript box.

The site selected was adjacent to the newly constructed mortuary at Calvary Cemetery, and therefore needed to complement the existing facility without over powering it. The completed building provided 13,000 crypt spaces.  A large center courtyard provides chapel space in the building.

  • More then 13,000 crypt spaces available
  • East Los Angeles, California
  • A very dense mausoleum development with minimal property usage

  • Four stories with a central courtyard and light well for committal services
  • California mission style

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