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Rolling Oaks Memorial Center

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Rolling Oaks Memorial Center was a new start-up municipal cemetery and was completed in 2009.  The project was master planned on a total of 30 acres with the first phase using approximately 10 acres.  The project featured 10 initial burial gardens, cremation garden, outdoor pavilion, cemetery office, indoor columbarium and a funeral home/crematory in the initial phase.  The project was designed to provide approximately 15,000 burial and cremation spaces in the first phase and an ultimate capacity of over 40,000 spaces.  Great care was used in the planning process to save and protect a number of specimen oak trees throughout the interior of the site.

JST Architects not only developed the cemetery plan, but also provided full architectural services for implementation of the project.

  • 30 acres
  • Coppell, Texas
  • New start-up municipal cemetery
  • 10 initial burial gardens
  • Ultimate capacity of 40,000 burial and cremation spaces

  • Cremation garden
  • Outdoor pavilion
  • Indoor pavilion
  • Cemetery office
  • Funeral home/crematory

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