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The Valley of the Prophets Mausoleum and Garden at Hillside Memorial Park

The Valley of the Prophets -Mausoleum - Header

This is a very unique cemetery project on a small corner parcel of property consisting of approximately 1.1 acre.  This land was previously the spoils area for the cemetery, but was critical to future development since it was the only access point to the cemetery’s final expansion property.

The project contains two wings of two-story garden mausoleum buildings providing 2409 crypts, 332 double depth lawn crypts, 22 family estate areas, and over 400 cremation niches.  A “focal point” rotunda and dome provide the main center feature that includes an open air chapel and fountains. The development also includes a “green burial” section for 190 burials.  The project provides a new cemetery maintenance building and maintenance yard hidden behind one mausoleum wing.  The road system connection has been master planned to provide access for last remaining property expansion area.

  • Culver City, California
  • Hillside Memorial Park
  • Extremely compact design offering a number of burial options, mausoleum, lawn crypts, family estates, cremation niches, family estates, etc.
  • Includes a cemetery maintenance facility

  • Yard behind the mausoleum
  • Mausoleum provides a visual and sound buffer from the highway for the cemetery.
  • The project includes a “green burial” section
  • Arbor cremation walk

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