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Wade Funeral Home

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The funeral home is located on a piece of property with great visibility on one of the main arteries in Arlington, Texas.  The challenge was that the property was quite long and narrow and had a dramatic slope.  (This was probably why it had not been developed earlier).

As is normally the case, the more difficult the site, the more distinctive the design solution.  The resulting design was a long (170’) narrow building.  To disguise the somewhat unusual dimensions, the facility was designed with an entry tower with a porte’ cochere’ turned 45 degrees.  The angled entry allowed the building to face both the major street and the side street equally.

The 10,000 S.F. plan resulted with a smooth flow from the entry tower at the front of the building to the Chapel located at the rear of the facility.  The Chapel, which seats 180, also has a separate entrance adjacent to the majority of the parking.

The entry tower serves as the Lobby.  With a unique eight-sided shape, traffic is conveniently directed to the Business Office, the Visitation Rooms and Chapel and to Arrangement Offices and the Selection Room.  The Lobby’s ceiling is over 20’ tall with an abundance of windows giving the space a light, bright open feeling.  The fireplace with the wood mantle provides just the right amount of coziness.

Along the visitation corridor that connects the front of the building to the Chapel are two comfortable Staterooms with double pocket doors, which allow them to be used together or independently.  There is also an inviting seating area, public restrooms and a sunny Coffee Lounge.  The Lounge has a dramatic bay window that provides nice views of the hilly terrain.

Adjacent to the Chapel is a large family seating area that can also be set up as a third Stateroom.  There is 16’ wide pocket door that can be closed to separate the family area from the Chapel.

Located behind the Staterooms is a state of the art Preparation & Dressing Suite, complete with a laundry and private restroom.  Adjacent to this area is a private receiving garage.

JST Interiors, Inc. provided the interior design services.  The feeling when you enter is “this is a funeral home for today’s families.”  The art selections are dramatic and enhance the overall upbeat style of the interiors.

  • 10,000 S.F.
  • Arlington, Texas
  • New funeral home
  • Site with great visibility and opportunity for design creativity
  • Lobby with over 20’ tall ceiling and an abundance of windows

  • Chapel which seats 180 people
  • Large family seating adjacent to the chapel can be set up as third stateroom
  • Two staterooms, which can be used together or independently
  • Coffee lounge
  • Interior design services provided by JST Interiors

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