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This facility was planned to replace the original building that the business had occupied since 1951 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  The architectural plans contained unique design schemes, still maintaining traditional features of funeral homes, but allowing room for growth that the business might make in the future.  The interior design scheme enables the finishes to withstand the Oklahoma red dirt.  The result of these plans is a casual-transitional funeral home with a capacity of 19,300 square feet, allowing room for expansion.

When entering Walker Funeral Service, guests are first greeted at a large reception desk reminiscent of those in hotel lobbies.  However, this form of reception does not appear cold or impersonal, but rather provides a way for families to be directed to the correct location, and to always be greeted by someone upon entrance.  The reception lobby also contains two seating areas that compliment the room.

The interior color selection was based on a desire that all the interior finishes be able to withstand the harsh Oklahoma red dirt.  As a result of this, the JST interior designers used floor tile, carpet, and fabrics that incorporated the terra-cotta color pallet.  The final product is a color scheme that harmonizes seamlessly with the locale.

Traditionally, visitation lobbies are comparable to a long hallway from which staterooms are located, providing additional seating for guests.  However, the visitation lobby at Walker Funeral Service is placed in a central location of the building, surrounded by all five staterooms.  The visitation lobby is a spacious 22’X40’ room with a large stone fireplace between two built in display cabinets.  This lobby gives guests and families a relaxing seating area, reminiscent of a comfortable family room.

Another feature JST added to Walker Funeral Service is a family lounge privately located in the back of the funeral home.  This is a multi-purpose room equipped with a separate entrance through the rear of the building.  The family lounge functions as an area for the family to stay before the service and enter into the chapel through a connecting door.  The large 770 square foot space allows for families to have a catered lunch or reception after the funeral service.  The family lounge can also serve as a stateroom and a small chapel, providing several needs during times when other rooms are occupied.

A luxurious 1,200 square foot merchandise room was provided with an outside entrance if merchandise in the future needs to be sold in a retail setting.

  • 19,300 S.F. new facility
  • Shawnee, Oklahoma
  • Visitation lobby placed in a central location, surrounded by 5 staterooms
  • Fireplace in the visitation lobby

  • Family lounge which can allow family to have catered lunch or reception
  • Merchandise room
  • Interior design provided by JST Interiors

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